High sensory threshold individuals simply need MORE – more action, more vibe, more buzz, more variety, more excitement, etc. in order to feel calm yet alert; fully energized and engaged. If work environment and responsibilities are too mundane and predictable, productivity and job satisfaction may decrease. 

They respond either actively or passively to high thresholds (threshold – how quickly and intensely sensations from the environment are registered).
Active response = actively seeking more sensation.
Passive response = not realizing that MORE is needed to stay engaged, sadly leaving them feeling lethargic and demotivated. 

When we take a closer (and scientific) look at the ‘great resignation’ / ‘great reshuffling’, my guess is that many of these individuals may have high sensory thresholds and feel under-stimulated and under-utilized in their current roles. 

High sensory profile employees can and will move mountains at an organization, all they need is a culture of trust to run with new and innovative projects. 

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