Many of us are at breaking point this time of the year. To stay resilient, amidst great adversity, is a life-long process of growth and increased self-awareness.

The strategies below assisted me in ‘bending’ – back in 2014 – when I was sure that ‘breaking’ was inevitable:

Bottom-up Sensory Practices

* unplug daily / digital detoxes

* listen to restorative music

* nourish your sense of touch, smell and taste (be present, and verbalize ‘I am here now’ )

* put on your trainers (NB)

Top-down Cognitive Strategies

* don’t waste your sorrows; decide to change adversity into a blessing

* stop all black and white, as well as ‘awefulizing’ thinking patterns – rather accurately and truthfully label your emotions e.g. frustration, as opposed to the end of the world…

* broomstick balance – shift focus away from yourself and upwards; and see how easy it is to balance a broomstick on your fingertip.

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