It is easy to reach flow when we participate in our favourite activities, which in the Southern Hemisphere, we will finally have more time for during summer break.

It is much harder though when having to complete mundane tasks like typing up performance ratings or finalizing administrative duties. We can however achieve ‘micro-flow’ by adding an extra enjoyable layer to the task, according to the powerful philosophy of Ikigai (Ikigai, The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, Garcìa & Miralles, 2017).

When working with students and adults struggling with output/concentration, making the task multi-sensory by adding sensory stimuli which will allow optimal activation, results in calm-alert participation. It is as easy as sitting on a pilates ball while e.g. watching training material online (especially when you have high movement thresholds), or listening to your favourite music while doing Math papers.

When you grasp your sensory profile needs, you will know to increase certain sensory stimuli (seeking senses) and decrease others (sensitive senses) in order to fascilitate flow, or at least micro-flow, to get the job done – regardless of the task.

But for now, while away the hours in perfect harmonious multi-sensory flow. Happy holidays!

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