The IEB Matric results have blown me away! Huge congratulations go out to all learners, teachers, parents, and wider support structures, as this is always a team effort of gigantic proportions. I hope you are celebrating in style.

Learning consists of 3 (equally important) processes: 1) registration of information/input 2) processing/orientation of information, and 3) reproducing; also referred to as having an adaptive response.

Most students need support in grasping and optimizing all 3 steps; to ultimately learn how to learn.

Absorbing information optimally looks very different for every individual. Insight around sensory systems scores are helpful in optimizing study methods to really register and take in the WHAT of learning.

To process information optimally, emotional regulation as well as healthy behavior patterns are needed to allow information to marinate, for application and elaboration; the broader HOW of learning (and living).

To reproduce information effectively, your child needs to function in the optimal activation band, and know how to apply stress management in action, and self-regulation; the WHY of learning. We ultimately seek brilliant results, but also long-term retention, generalization and application of information.

For those IEB results to have looked the way they did, learners absolutely nailed all 3 processes of learning. Hat’s off!

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