Dual awareness from a sensory perspective is all about the impact our internal sensory wiring has on the external work environment, and vice versa.

There is a constant eb and flow between the world and our internal levels of arousal. 11 million sensory messages bombard the brain per second, and this can either be triggering or regulating. A fact which continues to blow my (mind) brain!

From an employee’s perspective, we have to know what our sensory responses are to the work environment, and how it impacts wellbeing, workstyle, preferences, and productivity. Are you optimally engaged working from a poorly ventilated, dark, noisy, crowded space?

From an employer’s perspective, you simply have to aknowledge the impact of the work environment on health, wellness, and output. Again, dual awareness, and powerful information to obtain.

What type of work environment is best suited to your sensory preferences? I am a “I loose-my-grasp-on-language-cognition-mental stability-joy-and-self-control-if-the-dog-is-barking” type of girl. Quiet please! Merci. Now I can breathe again…

With so much to deal with on a sensory level, each second of each and every day, isn’t it time we embrace the inevitability of dual awareness? #environment#wellbeing#health#productivity#sensoryprofiling#sensorydesign#employeeexperience#dualawareness

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