The gold nugget to grasp around sensory processing is 1) how quickly, and 2) how intensely, you register sensory messages from the environment, and your internal body organs.

Over-registering of the work environment may result in distractibility, attempts to control outcomes and processes, fatigue, increased stress and anxiety, and potential conflict with colleagues.

Under-registering of the work environment may result in boredom, frustration, irritability with colleagues with a lower risk appetite, dissatisfaction with delayed decision-making, and (yet again) conflict with colleagues who are more cautious and structured.

We need each other; our tribe and our team, to grow and remain healthy and productive during turbulent times.

Bringing neurological diversity to the boardroom table makes for a powerful and scientific team discussion; it brings relief and improves trust and morale. Sensory wiring is something we all have in common, no wrong and no wright 😉

For self-preservation, we have to cultivate our focus on registering as quickly as possible, when our bodies signal to us that we need rest, perhaps a different work environment, more nourishing food, wholesome leisure time activities, exercise, digital detoxes, deep breathing, etc. Especially if we have high sensory thresholds with a tendency to subconsciously miss these life-saving signals.

Getting back to basics, on an individual and team level, is groundbreaking, revolutionary, and thought-provoking stuff.

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