When working with adults & students struggling to achieve optimal focus and a state of creative thinking I refer to the methods of a top athlete preparing to compete. There are a number of specific Do’s and Dont’s to achieving optimal activation/peak performance state (at work or at school).


  • Don’t spend time on your screen the night before, or the morning of your big presentation/exam;
  • Don’t neglect sleep, nutrition, fitness;
  • Don’t dress uncomfortably;
  • Don’t over-caffeinate.


  • First thing in the morning, meditate or quiet prayer time (2 – 5 minutes);
  • Visualize your achievement/victory;
  • Listen to your favourite, regulating playlist;
  • Do a short workout;
  • Take a regulating shower/bath;
  • Enjoy a crunchy and chewy breakfast, and hydrate;
  • Wear your focus-scent.

5-minutes to performance, in-chair:

  • Flex your quads tightly and rotate your ankles;
  • Tilt your hips forwards and backwards (cat and cow);
  • Perform neck stretches, place the opposite hand above your ear, and gently stretch;
  • Look up-and-down, and left-and-right (x4);
  • Link your fingers, and provide firm deep pressure from the top of your head, down through to your neck;
  • Practice deep breathing with visualization so as to activate both the parasympathetic nervous system and your right brain hemisphere, this ensures a creative and relaxed state of mind.

On your marks, get set, GO!


PS Photo is tongue-in-cheek

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