My current journey with pillar 4 of wellness – spiritual wellness – is in equal parts incredibly challenging, and wonderfully reassuring.

I am learning about ‘Standing’. Standing with rock solid steady ground beneath my feet during times of trouble and turbulance.

Feeling the pull of gravity is a powerful sensory system, vestibular sense, providing connection to the earth, steadiness and balance.

If you over register changes in head movement, like myself, gravitational insecurity can cause anxiety and a feeling of disconnect/disorientation.

Grounding – walking barefoot, placing both feet or both hands on steady surfaces, and not exposing yourself to extreme movement, are regulating sensory strategies reducing overload. The skyscraper hotel we stayed at in NYC resulted in lower grade vertigo during my entire visit back in May…

At work, regularly gaze through a window, choose a chair providing the right movement input for your sensory system, link your fingers and provide deep pressure from the top of your head through to your neck, always use the stairs (straight staircases are less overstimulating), spend as much time as possible outside, and on ground floor level during breaks.

Sometimes, we need the reassurance that indeed we are on solid ground, both from a spiritual and sensory perspective.


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