The first step of learning, the first step of solving any problem, establishing healthy relationships, and excelling in your career and personal life, is and always will be: Focused Attention.

Did you know this can be self-managed conservatively through sensory smart strategies? The key is two-fold:

1) know your ‘too sensitive’ senses, in order to calm and regulate e.g if you over-register visual input, use a vertical screen, sit in a quiet corner, adjust your devices, take visual breaks, etc to provide LESS INPUT AND THEREFOR LESS DISTRACTION.

2) know your ‘too seeking’ under-stimulated senses, in order to energize for focus and productivity e.g if you under register movement, exercise first thing in the morning, use a standing desk or gym ball, take ample movement breaks, schedule walking meetings, etc to provide MORE INPUT AND THEREFOR LESS DISTRACTION.

It is however crucial to know your unique sensory threshold scores across all 7 sensory systems, to expertly ‘tune’ your nervous system up or down to the perfect level of Focused Attention. It is as simple as taking the time to find out…


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