The two main reasons cited for the past couple of year’s all time high mass exodus of CEOs, were: burn out, and overload. It poses the challenge, and opportunity, to structure 2024 in a way which does NOT leave us feeling utterly shattered, exhausted, and overloaded – sensory overload results in the fight, flight, fright response, where we function on a primitive brain level, fighting for survival; not terribly controlled or calculated.

I recently again read about the accellerated communication between the Neocortex and Hippocampus, which takes place every time WE TAKE A BREAK. This underlines yet again, that multi-sensory breaks increase processing, understanding, memorizing and retention of information.

From a sensory perspective, I believe that the organizing and re-regulating properties of the movement system – vestibular and proprioception – is crucial to wellbeing, focus, and productivity.

If we do only 3 things this year, let it be a mindful commitment to:

1) Frequently changing our head position e.g get up and stretch, or hang with your head at your knees,

2) Frequently changing our body position e.g perform hip tilts in-chair, or take the stairs to the top floor, and

3) Frequently changing our environments.

It is absolutely clear to me that something needs to change. Starting with scientific reassurance around the benefits of movement breaks, both from a neuroscientific and sensory processing level, to encourage a confident strutt around the office declaring increased brain activity, re-regulation, and improved productivity, as our main objectives.


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