The broad definition of ‘neurotypical’, is a person who thinks, perceives and behaves in ways that are considered the norm by the general population. On a sensory wiring level however, we are all neorodiverse in how we register and respond to environments, tasks, and people. 

There is no ‘norm’; one size fit all work and study environments are archaic and in need of individualized and flexible reinvention. 

We all have certain work environments, work tasks, and (unfortunate but true) certain work acquintances we prefer over others. This is due to our unique sensory styles, and not a conscious choice. The good news is that self-knowlege result in self-management, which will improve wellbeing and productivity, regardless of our preferences. 

On a practical level: if you have to complete an undesireable work task, change your environment to where you feel most calm-alert, and where possible, team up with colleagues you find inspiring and energizing. If you are working on a task you find interesting and stimulating, you may not require a particular environment or team work, as ‘flow’ will naturally occur. 

Flexibility around: environments, tasks, and team work vs individual work, is paramount to embracing sensory needs and optimizing output, in our sensory neurodiverse world. Embrace, own, and manage your neurodiversity, I am planning on making mine work to my advantage this year. 


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