Self-regulation seems more relevant, and more frequently required, than ever before. Times certainly are tough, for everyone and everywhere. 

The bottom brain (sensory brain) is where dysregulation starts, we then feel the uncomfortable emotion in the midbrain, and subsequently cease to think straight on a top brain level. 

This hierarchical process is also required to re-regulate: 
1) DO something sensory – e.g a brisk walk combined with 4-count block breathing: inhale for 4 steps, hold for 4, exhale for 4, and pause for 4.
2) You will start experiencing emotional regulation, and when this happens:
3) Use cognitive strategies for whole-brain regulation e.g thankfulness, prayer, meditation, fact checking, etc. 

Knowledge around basic sensory neuroscience, and awareness of your unique sensory triggers and regulators, will make this process all the more helpful; and help is at hand. 

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