Brain Sense

Brain sense consulting offers sensory awareness and integration – unpacking bottom brain energy to optimize health, wellness and productivity. It makes use of sensory science to create bottom brain awareness in individuals, families, teams, and organizations.

Brain sense gently guides individuals and teams toward scientific sensory self-care, sensory stress management, optimal levels of brain arousal, and meaningful relationships. Brain sense also analyze and design environments to ensure optimal wholeness and productivity at work and at home.

Brain sense will help you make sense of bottom brain energy. Unpack your sensory profile to create awareness around your sensory needs, habits, rituals and behavioral patterns. Sensory integration impacts emotions, behavior and productivity.  If you take care of your sensory self, you can live a healthier, happier and more productive life. Self-awareness will lead to team awareness and improved relationships at work and at home.

Sensory coaching will shed light on your quirky sensory self, and empower you to make use of scientific self-care to increase productivity. Individual and group coaching will improve both self-awareness and team awareness to focus on neurodiversity for team cohesion.

Sensory workshops will equip teams with sensory know-how around selfcare, stress management, productivity level management, how to deal with open plan office etiquette, how to be mentally sharp at 3pm, how to embrace neurodiversity in teams, etc.

We can assess and assist with workspace and home design for optimal health, wellbeing and productivity. Through scientific sensory profiling, sensory design according to neurological thresholds creates environments conducive to wholeness.


Ida Doyer

Ida is a sensory integration occupational therapist who worked in the clinical field for 20 years. Sensory systems is her absolute passion and expertise.

When a sensory system is “fed and nourished” with the right sensory input, an individual can flourish, focus, and fly. Each sensory modality can either energize or calm the nervous system. It is up to us to discover, through sensory profiling and awareness, when we need what kind of sensation. It is the most exciting journey to explore and embrace bottom brain energy.  When we feel calm alert on a bottom brain level, we can access higher brain structures for creativity and deep thinking.

Through the senses Ida coaches her clients to access emotion, behavior and productivity levels, and reset brain energy making use of alerting or calming sensory strategies.

Coaching for individuals, families, and teams, is a gentle, non-threatening and fun experience where sensory selves are discovered and celebrated. Team cohesion, as well as company culture and morale can be impacted powerfully once neurodiversity on a sensory level is accepted and acknowledged.

Ida loves design and feels passionate about work- and home spaces conducive to flow, positive energy and productivity. Once sensory profiles have been assessed, scientific and mindful design around sensory needs can be embarked upon.

“Every space and building has a unique sensory fingerprint, much like us as individuals.  The spaces we dwell in and work at, need to consider neurological wiring and bottom brain needs, and people will happily return again and again, without ever realizing why. The smallest change on a sensory level, can make the world of difference.”

Brain Sense


Thank you Ida, for insightful training.  The team was still sharing today their excitement of yesterday’s session.

Martie De Will AbbVie

Thank you so much for our session, I really found it helpful in getting to know the team as well as myself.

Shihaam Soeker – Nestlè

Daniel loved the session with you, you really inspired him.  He wrote a Maths test and is writing an AP Maths exam tomorrow, he used so many of your recommendations on the weekend. Even his twin sister commented that she has never seen Daniel study so hard!

Tersia Young – Business Analyst AVIS

My son really enjoyed the sensory session and found it very useful. He could not stop talking about how inspired he felt and looked forward to implementing the strategies. He seems less anxious.

R. Adonis – Clinical Psychologist

Ida’s sensory workshop helped to open my eyes to a few things I was not aware of at all.  I now understand myself and my preferences better and know how to manage them going forward.

Vuyisile – HR Manager EY

Ida’s presentation during a virtual event made such an impression on me that I invited her to act as one of the guest speakers at our Consumer Sciences Year Event. She provided us with an insightful and though-provoking presentation on Sensory Science for the discerned consumer, in the midst of a pandemic. The audience realised the value of using their senses to regulate their behaviour in different contexts. Her professional and ingenious approach to improve consumers’ wellness, is truly noteworthy!

Prof. Annchen Mielmann – Associate Professor, North-West University

Ida joined us as a guest speaker for the third webcast in our series aimed at sharing key information around COVID 19 and its impact on our lives, our businesses and our communities. Her insights into the sensory impact of working from home and being in lockdown and isolated from colleagues, friends and family resonated with the audience. After learning about sensory roots, trunks and leaves, we will never look at a tree in the same way again!

Tracey Linnell – Director Morgan Solus

The sensory work that Ida does to reset employee emotions, balance staff stress and manage behaviour patterns is strategically essential to any business dependent on optimal human performance to outperform rivals. I can recommend BrainSense services confidently.

Jon Hall – CEO Fuseworks

Ida’s interview was one of the best experiences I’ve had (EVER) she is a natural in making you feel comfortable whilst taking you out of your comfort zone. The analysis is spot on. If you haven’t done it yet you only have yourself to blame. Dankie Ida!

Piet Veldtman – Director Bridge Capital

I found the sensory profile assessment fascinating. Not only did I deepen my knowledge of my own sensory sensitivities, but Ida provided me with valuable advice on how to handle these sensitivities to become more productive. I can highly recommend both Ida & Brain Sense.

Jess Wassung – MD Amplify

Its super fun, simple and effective. The verbal as well as written tips are very insightful into your personal deeper understanding and acceptance of who you are, what comes naturally to you and what triggers you.

I found it helps me tremendously to read up about it and what I can do, when my energy fields rattle me. Had to scrub at least two layers of my skin this morning….. and now I not only enjoyed it, but I understand where it comes from.

I think it could be good fun for a couple to do the test individually, share notes after the consultation with Ida, understand the other better and apply certain changes in the snack, diet and ergometric section to find a conscious harmonious balance as an individual, couple and at home, which might have been criticised or ignored before.

Monika Rowe – Owner Wynnya