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Why Sensory wellness?

The workshops are: 1) ingenious 2) based in science 3) relevant and relatable  4) the “why” behind workstyle and optimal work environment  5) practical, easy-to-implement, non-threatening  6) productivity tool  7) incredible team-builder

Curbing the appetite

I turned 45 last year and am literally dreading the weight gain which is, according to absolutely everyone, part and parcel of the wonderful age group I am lucky enough to find myself in. I am well aware of intermitted fasting, banting, keto, eating for your blood type, calories in vs. calories out, vegan, no heavy dinners, reducing red meat, sugar…

The power of your environment

I recently spent a week in The Maldives, and the timing for relaxation was all WRONG: Work commitments, and my dog all alone at home with a bandaged paw, cone, and cancer(! )It felt like yet another thing to be crammed into the already mad year-end-madness. But… Never underestimate the power of your environment in calming you rìght down, albeit…

Whole Brain Stress Management

Two of the three stress structures in the brain, are also sensory structures. So if we get creative around combining bottom-up sensory activities with top-down cognitive behavioural practices, we CAN effectively and scientifically get down to the business of stress management.

“Touching” on the pandemic

In utero we are hardly more than a bundle of cells before we get equipped with the vast and very enjoyable sense of touch. When researching embryology as a sensory enthusiast, it becomes clear that the very same cells which develop into our brain (neuro ectoderm) split off into surface ectoderm to cover our bodies – the skin and the brain has the exact same origin! (MacCord, K . 2013) If we wish to organize and calm the brain, we need look no further than skin deep.

A “sense-able” perspective on the future of work

All the research articles on work from home, have me shouting from the rooftops about one of the most accurate predictors of human behavior, your sensory profile. Our sensory profile refers to how we process the environment, and considering covid19, it is a crucial and undeniable element to when discussing the future of work.

Why bother with the senses?

Everything that enters your brain does so through the senses. Everything you’ve ever learnt, happened through the senses.

Our emotions are in response to sensory messages, and almost all our behaviour patterns are aimed at achieving sensory comfort. Why then, NOT bother with the senses?