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Determine your own unique sensory profile through the online sensory questionnaire. The questionnaire measures your sensory processing style and will provide threshold scores for every sensory system, be it sensory seeking, sensory avoiding, sensory neutral, or fluctuating. A customized 25-page report with your threshold results, as well as simple sensory snacks, diets, and ergonomics for your profile, is generated. You will receive a username and password to complete the profile online in your own time. Answer the 120 questions quickly, intuitively, and according to your sensory comfort levels. This is all about you. It will only take 15 minutes of your time to unpack and demystify bottom brain energy. Meet your sensory self!

Sensory workshops for teams is a powerful morale builder. Organizational culture embracing of diverse sensory styles will reap the benefits. Once individual sensory styles have been determined, the team’s sensory profile can be unpacked. This will create a culture respectful of neurodiversity. Awareness around the impact sensory preferences has on stress levels, decision making, behavioural rituals, leadership style, etc. is a powerful culture changer. Sensory workshops are custom fit to organizational needs following an in-depth needs analysis. Workshop themes include: Sensory stress management, Sensory sharp at 3pm, Sensory self-care, Sensory styles and productivity, Sensory mindfulness, Sensory Collaboration, Open plan office etiquette, etc. Workshops vary between half-day, one-day, or multiple day options.

Scientific workspace and home design according to specific sensory profiles is an exciting journey and a very smart move. Environments conducive to bottom brain needs will support regulated emotional responses, improve stress management, enhance healthier behavioural patterns, and increase productivity. Scientific sensory design will create workspaces conducive to calm alert energy levels, where employees are able to move from bottom brain function to the prefrontal cortex where deep work, creative thinking, and problem solving is situated. Spaces tapping into sensory science draws people back, again and again, without them being able to pinpoint why.