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Sensory coaching for individuals, couples, and families creates awareness, insight, and empowerment around bottom brain energy. Once sensory thresholds are determined, non-threatening and practical strategies can be implemented to improve health, wellness, and productivity. Your sensory processing style directly impacts emotions, behaviour, and your ability to focus. Learn more about yourself and how your environment can be distracting or organizing. Self-awareness will increase awareness around diverse sensory styles within families, to work towards empathy, non-judgement, improved communication, and wholeness within relationships.

Workspace and home environments should be designed mindfully to improve wholeness, well-being, and productivity. Sensory audits measure space, through meticulous analysis of several key best-practice factors. A report with sensory recommendations is compiled to create an ideal work- or home environment. Workspace design with sensory diversity in mind is scientific and effective. Healthy and happy employees stay, especially if the environment is positive, vibrant, and conducive to bottom brain energy and flow. Tap into the regulatory movement system to get down to the “business of business” and increase workforce productivity. Let me show you how.

Once sensory profiles have been determined, custom-fit sensory tools can be implemented at work, at home, and at school to assist regulation on a bottom brain level. These tools will help individuals and teams reach the optimal calm alert state for health, well-being, and productivity. Sensory tools are not once-size-fit-all, but a trial and error consultative process. Let me journey with you around your unique sensory needs to determine the right sensory tools for your thresholds. Sensation can either alert, or calm the bottom brain, as the senses are entry points into the brain to powerfully reset energy levels. Once you understand your sensory system needs, you can embark on this exciting journey and nourish your senses effectively.