Why Sensory wellness?

The workshops are: 1) ingenious 2) based in science 3) relevant and relatable  4) the “why” behind workstyle and optimal work environment  5) practical, easy-to-implement, non-threatening  6) productivity tool  7) incredible team-builder

Whole Brain Stress Management

Two of the three stress structures in the brain, are also sensory structures. So if we get creative around combining bottom-up sensory activities with top-down cognitive behavioural practices, we CAN effectively and scientifically get down to the business of stress management.

Why bother with the senses?

Everything that enters your brain does so through the senses. Everything you’ve ever learnt, happened through the senses.

Our emotions are in response to sensory messages, and almost all our behaviour patterns are aimed at achieving sensory comfort. Why then, NOT bother with the senses?

Grief, the teacher

“Is there something to be learnt from grief? If it is within our power to change the story around grief suffered, shouldn’t we do so?

Being smart, deliberate, and holistic around self-care may be our only hope during this grief-filled pandemic.