It’s mid-February, with summer break a distant memory, and frantic workschedules yet again part of our daily reality. 

Instead of allowing accumulation of sensory overload, and therefor shut down/burn out, try incorporating sacred sensory rituals to regulate 5x times during your workday. 

These could coincide with typical food / nutritional needs, to serve as a reminder for diligent implementation: 

1) Sensory ‘breakfast’ – e.g move, self-care, nutrition, auditory input, visual input, meditation with deep breathing, etc. (Set yourself up for a calm-alert day)
2) Sensory mid-morning ‘snack’ 
3) Sensory ‘lunch’ 
4) Sensory mid-afternoon ‘snack’ 
5) Sensory ‘dinner’ 

The aim of Sensory rituals is to regulate and re-set the information senses (visual and auditory), nourish the social senses of touch, smell and taste, and optimize the regulation sense of movement. This wìll alleviate stress and improve performance. 

To rephrase: step away from all screens – REST your eyes and ears; smell, eat and drink mindfully present and fully aware of the sensory properties being enjoyed; and break a sweat while increasing your heart rate. 

We cannot live life where escape is our last and often only resort. There is another way…

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