Our amygdala in the mid brain, reacts to a sense of danger (perceived or real) from our environment, and sounds the alarm – LOUD AND CLEAR! We get short of breath, our hearts pound, our hands shake, we are ready to fight, take flight, or just freeze. I for one, become utterly useless, frozen in time, unable to save myself even if my life depended on it. Not very helpful during a meeting, negotiations, or big presentations…

Cells in the amygdala immediately light up in response to sensory messages, confirming an intimate and strong connection between the senses and emotions. So, give your amygdala non-threatening sensory input to calm the fight/flight/fright response, right then and there in your chair.

The 5,4,3,2,1 Sensory Mindfulness Tip does the trick:

Give your amygdala five (5) non-threatening visuals to process in your immediate environment, four (4) sounds (two of them your own breath), three (3) touch properties, two (2) smells, and one (1) taste.

Go on, you have nothing to loose but the panicky, dysregulated state you could find yourself in.

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